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Artist Statement

I paint still lifes with oil on linen. In my paintings, objects are presented the size they actually are. My process involves sitting for hours, staring at the objects that I painting. This obsessive looking is integral to the finished paintings. Under this gaze, mundane objects take on complex meanings.

“Representing metaphors of female experience in her sweetly creepy still-lives, Portia Munson reveals something often unpleasant lurking beneath pretty surfaces. In each of her small

canvases a familiar object is found as if on a kitchen table late at night. Caught isolated in the dreamlike light and painted with the penetrating clarity of a child's gaze, a perverse humor permeates this surreal world. There is a dark, sensuous weight given equally to sex toys, pet toys and kid toys; things that are cute become ominous, the banal is sexualized, the appealing made repellent.”

—Fran Willing or “Girl,” Bust, Spring 2000

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